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wrapper generator for matrix languages
Matwrap is a tool for interfacing C++ code into matrix-oriented scripting
languages such as Octave, Tela or Matlab 5.
It generates all the code to convert from the scripting language's internal
types into the types that your C++ code understands (e.g., double, char *,
float *, struct abc *). You do not need to understand any of the API details
of the language to use your C++ code; just give matwrap a .h file describing
your functions.
Brief list of features:
- Functions are automatically vectorized.
- Arguments containing dimensions of other vector and matrix arguments can
be computed automatically and need not be specified.
- Pointers to structures and classes are supported. Public member functions
of classes may be called, and public data members may be evaluated or
set. Inheritance is supported.
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